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Dodge Dakota PCM, Dodge Dakota ECM, Dodge Dakota ECU, Dodge Dakota TCM

Below you can find your Engine Control Module (ECM) or Transmission Control Module (TCM) for the Dodge Dakota.

Save time with this guaranteed Plug-and-Play module! Simply plug it in and drive off without having to visit a dealer!

Rest assured there will be no self-programming required. Not only will your custom-programmed part match your vehicle’s identification number and mileage, but it will also be pre-installed with the most recent software updates offered by Dodge.

What is the process?

1. Payment must be received.
2. Your order will be shipped along with a pre-paid return label.
3. Your old computer must be returned.
4. Upon receipt of your old computer, your 1-year warranty will begin.

The Good ol’ Days of Dodge:

The first and foremost place to view anything relating to Dodge is on Wikipedia. The website depicts in-depth information about the Dodge brothers and the foundation of the company. The user-friendly timeline recounts the history of Dodge up to Daimler-Chrysler. With some further investigation, you will discover facts on every vehicle model that has ever been manufactured by Dodge, as well as when they first appeared on the market.

Dodge Trivia!

Have you ever considered why the bighorn sheep or ram is the symbol of Dodge trucks? Since 1932, the hood ornament has been used on both Dodge trucks and cars up until 1954, and still remains in use on the trucks.

The emblem originated when Mr. Chrysler went to Avard T. Fairbanks to choose from three illustrations of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep that he had produced after working for weeks on various ideas for powerful creatures. He was confident his concept for the charging ram would prove successful.

The ram is a majestic and resilient force of the mountain path. Fairbanks suggested this particular design, informing Mr. Chrysler that the ram could not be challenged and if you should ever encounter one head-on, your initial thought and reaction would be to “Dodge” it! Fairbanks’ art concept demonstrated cleverness and the intention behind the image was even more influential. His imaginative vision quickly became apparent to Mr. Chrysler and the decision was simple. Ever since, the ram logo has remained the iconic emblem of the robust Dodge trucks.

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