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At Car Computer Exchange, buyers can select the proper PCMs, ECUs, and TCMs for their make and model, and the prices are far below what local auto dealers offer. A car's power-control module (PCM) is the nerve center of the vehicle, controlling nearly every operation of the engine and transmission. Car Computer Exchange stocks all models of PCMs for Jeep vehicles.

Engine control modules - abbreviated as ECMs - are specially programmed to receive information data from various sensors located in the ignition, fuel mix, and electrical power wires throughout the engine. These sensors deliver real-time information in a specially coded sequence to the computer monitors, which in turn control how the vehicle's powertrain operates.

When PCMs become defective, they must be replaced. Jeep ECMs and TCMs are programmed for an exact model and trim, meaning the wrong component either will not work or will send the wrong information. It is imperative that vehicle owners purchase the correct model for their particular car or SUV.

Replacement computer modules for Cherokee, Liberty, and Wrangler models can be purchased through a local dealership, but prices are usually inflated. Aftermarket parts from Car Computer Exchange are much less expensive and are guaranteed to match the specifications for the model chosen.

Whether in the market for replacement ECUs or a PCM for a specific model and trim, the best prices and best quality guarantee is from Car Computer Exchange, a convenient online shopping center for all computer-oriented module components.

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