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Jeep Wrangler ECMs, PCMs, and TCMs for Sale

These Modules are Plug-and-Play:
Just Put it in and Drive, no need to visit the dealer!

Jeep Wrangler PCM, ECM, and TCMs

With our 100% "plug-and-play" engine computers, you don't need to spend your time (and money!) visiting the dealer. When you purchase from us, you receive a pre-programmed Wrangler engine computer module designed to match your VIN.

At Car Computer Exchange, we run a multi-point quality check for each powertrain control module (PCM), electronic control module (ECM), and transmission control module (TCM) we ship in order to ensure full functionality and compatibility upon arrival at your door.

Computers for New and Old Models (1996 - 2009)

Regardless of the type of transmission, motor size or emission type your Wrangler has, we'll ensure that the computer module you order matches your Wrangler for 100% compatibility prior to shipping. Our Jeep Wrangler computers are not only fully rebuilt, but also put through rigorous quality assurance testing. Your computer will arrive programmed to match your mileage and VIN so you can feel confident whether you're ordering for yourself or a customer.

High Performance & Quality Standards

Whether you are driving down a rugged hill or pulling into your drive away, your Wrangler computer needs to run efficiently. The electronic control module of your vehicle is responsible for supporting ignition timings, making fuel-mixtures and optimal engine functions. At Car Computer Exchange, we only sell high-end engine control computers. Not only will you receive a computer matched to your exact VIN, but you'll receive a product that offers the same quality and performance you'd find if you purchased this from a local dealer.

Repair Service for Jeep Wrangler Computers

In addition to core exchange and a lifetime warranty, we offer full repair services for your Wrangler computer. We'll send a prepaid label to help you ship your part to our facilities so we can not only repair, but also update your Wrangler computer with modern computer and flash files provided directly by the manufacturer.

Once your PCM is rebuilt, updated and tested, we'll ship you back your computer. There's no need to contact the dealership to get your Jeep Wrangler computer repaired as once it arrives, it'll arrive ready to go, or "plug and play" as we like to say.

ECM / PCMs for New and Old Jeep Wranglers

We have computers for all models of Jeep Wranglers in stock and with our fast processing and fulfillment time, your computer should be on the way within a couple of business days.

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