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Dodge Grand Caravan PCM, Dodge Grand Caravan ECM, Dodge Grand ECU, Dodge Grand Caravan TCM

Below you can find your Engine Control Module (ECM) or Transmission Control Module (TCM) for the Dodge Grand Caravan.

Our modules have been built with simplicity and quality in mind, which is why they are fully Plug-and-Play. There is no need to find a technician to install it for you. Just follow the easy instructions and drive off. Nothing could be easier!

We program each part with your mileage and VIN before it leaves the warehouse. We also make sure that all relevant software updates released by Dodge are installed as well. This means that you have absolutely no programming to do.

How It Works

1. We process your order and confirm the payment has been received.
2. Your order is dispatched together with a pre-paid return label.
3. You send us back the old computer from your vehicle.
4. The 1-year warranty begins when our warehouse receives your old computer.

The History Behind the Dodge Brand

If you have a Dodge vehicle, you may be wondering about the history of the brand. In that case, you should check out Wikipedia, as they offer a good overview of how this automaker started out. You will learn how the Dodge brothers worked hard to start their own car company, as well as get more details on the various vehicles that have rolled off their assembly lines. Wikipedia is one of the best sources of information about Dodge cars and trucks.

Did You Know How the Ram Logo Came Into Existence?

The big horn sheep, or ram, that is featured on today's Dodge trucks is actually not a recent innovation. While the style of the logo has changed over time, the ram symbol itself was in use from 1932 to 1954 and was once again put on Dodge trucks in recent years.

The idea behind the symbol was created by Avard T. Fairbanks, one of the most talented American artists. He was asked to create a symbol by Mr. Chrysler that would be put on the Dodge line of vehicles. After considering several mythological creatures and animals, Fairbanks settled on the ram and submitted his idea to Mr. Chrysler, who immediately loved the concept. The ram is an animal that is regarded as the king of the mountain trail and thus would be the perfect symbol to use on a line of rugged trucks.

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