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2000 00 Dodge Ram Truck ECM PCM Engine Control Module

2000 00 Dodge Ram Truck ECM PCM Engine Control Module

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This part (2000 00 Dodge Ram Truck ECM PCM Engine Control Module) is compatible with:

  • 2000 Dodge Ram Truck

Please Note:
If your part is not listed
Call 1-888-875-2958
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This listing covers all motor sizes,transmissions,and emissions types.

The component that we will send you is completely ready to go. Simply plug it in and drive!

When your unit arrives, it will already be programmed with the exact mileage and vehicle identification number that you need.

It will be all set to run.

Any and all software updates from Dodge will already be added to your part. You will not have to worry about any additional programming.

To take advantage of this, we ask for an up-front payment. You will receive your order with a pre-paid address label. After you return your old computer to us, you will begin your one-year warranty. It’s that simple!

Dodge Ram History

The Dodge Ram has been king of its class for a long time now, taking the world by storm. Here's an overview of its evolution from 1981 to 2006.

1989: This year brought about major engine upgrades.

1994: The semi-truck aesthetic took over the brand.

2002: The Dodge Ram showed off a bigger grille this model year, and major changes were made to the sheet metal and suspension.

2003: The third generation 2500 and 3500 models featured many new alterations.

2006: New headlights and taillights made a grand debut, as did the improved fuel economy.

2007: An upgraded version of the turbo diesel became available.

2009: An attractive new crew cab choice for the fourth generation Ram became quite popular.

2010: The spotlight was on the 2500 and 3500 models this model year, with a whole host of progressive changes. The 2500 and 3500 quad cabs were discontinued from the line.

2012: Rambox—a very popular storage option—became available on all models.

2013: A new transmission boosted the fuel economy of the V6. Meanwhile, the HEMI gained horsepower.

2014: For the first time in a few decades, the 1500 model was offered with a diesel engine if drivers wanted it.

The part numbers in stock are below:
56040368AA, 56040368AB, 56040368AC, 56040368AD, 56040368AE,
56040368AF, 56040368AG, 56040368AH, 56040410AB, 56040410AC,
56040410AD, 56040410AE, 56040410AF, 56040410AG, 56040412AB,
56040412AC, 56040412AD, 56040412AE, 56040421AB, 56040421AC,
56040421AD, 56040421AE, 56040421AF

Will I need to go to the Dealer to do any programming to my computer?
No. Most of our computers we sell are plug and play. Some of the Ford Computers we sell will need to have a locksmith program keys after install.They are updated with the latest factory software and programmed with your car's VIN.

Will I be able to return my computer in the event it doesn't work?
You will be able to return your part within 14 days if it is returned undamaged in its original condition. You will be given the option of getting a refund or exchanging for another.

How quickly will you ship my computer?
We ship everything within 24-48 hours after we receive your order in most cases. We ship most everything USPS Priority.

What if I donít return my old computer?
It is important you return your old computer. In the event you donít return your old computer, you will have voided your warranty and you may be subject to a core charge.

How can I pay?
We have a variety of ways you can pay. You can pay With Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You may also use PayPal, Western Union, or send us a check or money order to the address below:

Imperial Auto Services
481 James Jackson Ave
Cary, NC 27513

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