How much does a replacement or reprogrammed ‘plug and play’ ECU / ECM cost?

Note: A high quality vin matched replacement ECU / ECU is typically $600 less than dealer installed parts.

Saudi Arabia Custom ECU Chip Tuning


Whether you’re driving down the Las Vegas Strip or down Dammam highway in Saudi Arabia, your car’s ECM or engine control module is going to be the most important component in your engine.

With its system of circuits and sensors this acts as your car’s brain and central nervous system. It controls, monitors, and regulates a host of different engine functions and sets the limits within which the engine operates. It does this through receiving a constant stream of data from your vehicle and by making real time changes and adjustments to maintain optimal performance.

Car Computer Chip Programming

The programming is the software that determines how your ECM will make all the necessary decisions and adjustments. It is essentially a collection of data and instructions that the computer uses to interpret all the information it is receiving and react accordingly. Furthermore, the programming includes the stored data from past issues or events that your ECM uses to help it make a proper diagnosis of current performance issues.

If your car’s engine control module is its brain, then the programming is the DNA that determines how that brain is going to behave.

Automotive Computer Tuning in Saudi Arabia

The ECM becomes even more important when your car is operating in harsh environments. This can mean when you live in harsh weather environments with extreme hot and cold temperatures and also if you have a high performance car that you enjoy getting the most out of (read: if you like to drive fast and hard). ECM tuning is how you can adjust your vehicle to operate better under extreme conditions and is popular in places like Saudi Arabia.

As the name implies, ECM tuning is the process by which you can “fine-tune” your ECM and its programming. For example, because the ECM software controls things like the fuel injection, the positioning of the rotating assembly, the transmission, idling, and the throttle, you’re able to “tune” it and adjust things like:

  • Maximum speed
  • Gear shift mapping
  • Maximum cruise control speed
  • Adjust idle shut down timer
  • Fuel injection volume

Popular Tuning in KSA

In countries like Saudi Arabia, you have a hot climate, and you have people wanting to get the absolute most they can out of their vehicles. Car clubs like the Porsche Club Jeddah, the Saudi Corvette Club in Riyadh, and the Mustang Club KSA all have a few things in common: they are operating high performance cars in an extreme environment, and they enjoy pushing their cars to the limit.

People all over the world have long been custom tuning Corvettes and Mustangs in order to get the most out of their engines. This is because auto manufacturers typically do not program the control module so that the vehicle runs at its maximum power capabilities. Custom tuning allows you to both take advantage of more engine power, and allows you to tailor your car to your specific driving conditions and habits. When it comes to custom tuning a Corvette or Mustang, car club enthusiasts are able to greatly expand their vehicle’s capabilities.

Custom tuning Porsches is a must for the proud drivers who are members of the Porsche Club Jeddah. The name of the game is quickness, acceleration, and speed. And the way to accomplish that is by custom tuning your Porsche’s air intake. The more air your Porsche breathes in, the more its engine is able to do.

Custom Tuning for All Makes & Models

Custom ECM tuning isn’t just for the car fans in the Porsche Club Jeddah, Saudi Corvette Club in Riyadh, or Mustang Club KSA. Fine tuning your vehicle’s engine is for anyone who is looking to improve their car’s performance, get more power out of their engine, or improve their fuel economy. Tuning can help your vehicle fit seamlessly with your driving habits and environment.

That means that you don’t have to have a sports car or muscle car if you are looking to tune your ECM. You can custom tune Toyota Camrys, custom tune Ford Explorers, and custom tune Honda Accords. You have just as much to gain from custom tuning your everyday car as you do from custom tuning your toy you only drive on special occasions.

In other words, custom tuning your ECM is how you achieve more power, greater response and lower fuel consumption. What’s more, fine tuning an ECM has no negative impact on exhaust emissions or engine life. In fact, optimal tuning of your engine will reduce your maintenance cost, since an engine with better combustion is a cleaner engine.

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