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A power-train control module, which is often abbreviated as PCM, is an automotive component, otherwise known as an electronic control unit or ECU, that is used specifically on motor vehicles. It is generally a combination of a unit consisting of both the engine control unit (ECU) as well as the transmission control unit. On some cars, like Chrysler models, multiple separate computers including the PCM, the Transmission Control Unit, and the Body Control Module make up the unit. Often, these automotive computers are quite reliable because PCMs are used to control hundreds of vehicle features. Likewise, there are countless error codes that can possibly occur, which indicates that one section or another of the car is having some difficulty functioning. These errors will generally turn on the Check Engine light located on the dashboard. The PCMs, ECUs, ECMs, and TCMs are often referred to as the “brains” of the system because they have such an important functional role.

PCM inputs come from many sensors, which are spread throughout the entirety of the car. Most of them have something to do with engine management and overall performance, and these sensors in your Plymouth fail much more often than the actual computers do.

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