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Dodge Intrepid for Sale

Sale: $199.00
Sale: $199.00

You've Never Experienced Anything this Easy

You won't need to visit a dealer when you utilize our quality assured and guaranteed Plug-and-Play module. This module was designed to save you tons of time. All you have to do is plug the module in and drive away. It's seriously that easy!

Get Customized Parts for Your Vehicle

You'll be provided with a uniquely programmed part that is designed to match your vehicle identification number. You’ll have access to pre-installed software updates from Dodge, but don't worry. It won't require any additional programming.

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Make Wikipedia Your Trusted Source for All Things Dodge

If you’re looking for everything Dodge related on the world wide web, take a look at Wikipedia. Wikipedia provides you with an easy to understand timeline of when these vehicles first appeared in the market. You'll find information on everything from concept cars and military vehicles to Daimler-Chrysler. So when you're looking for a little extra information, turn to Wikipedia for the answers you need.

Learn More About the Iconic Ram Symbol

Did you know that the ram symbol has been used since 1932 on Dodge trucks and cars to symbolize the rugged appeal of Dodge vehicles? Avard T. Fairbanks designed the concept of the charging ram that was used as a design staple for Dodge. When he called Mr. Chrysler to check out his creation, he was sure that the bighorn Rocky Mountain Sheep would be a hit. Because the charging ram is sure-footed and ruler of the mountain trail, Fairbanks offered Mr. Chrysler his design exclaiming that if you came face to face with a ram the only thing you could do was to DODGE it. The reasoning and powerful concept clicked into place, and a symbol was born. Since that day, the ram has been an iconic symbol of rugged Dodge trucks across the globe.

Now if that's not interesting, we don't know what is!

Car Computer Exchange FAQs
The most common questions related to exchanging your car computer for one that works.