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Dodge Stratus for Sale

Sale: $199.00
Sale: $199.00

This plug-and-play module is quality assured and guaranteed to save you time! There will be no need to visit a dealer. Simply plug it in and drive away. It's that easy!

Your part will be custom programmed to match your automobile's vehicle identification number. The latest software updates made available from Dodge will come pre-installed. No additional programming will be required.

How does it work?

1. We receive your payment.
2. We ship your order with a pre-paid return label included.
3. You return your old computer.
4. Your warranty will begin when we receive your old computer.

Dodge's Incredibly Interesting History

Wikipedia is a great resource to learn more about the Dodge brand, chronicling everything from the original company, founded by the Dodge brothers, up to the formation of the Daimler-Chrysler Corporation. Look a little further, and you will find information about special vehicles which have rolled off the Dodge assembly lines, including military vehicles and concept cars. The easy to follow timeline on the page makes it easy to see when these vehicles appeared on the market. Wikipedia is the first place to look for everything Dodge related.

Bet you didn't know this about Dodge!

Are you familiar with the history behind Dodge's famous symbol, the ram, on the trucks they produce? The ram has been a symbol used on both Dodge trucks and cars dating back to 1932 and still symbolizes the rugged Dodge trucks of today.

Avard T. Fairbanks, who designed the symbol for Dodge, had been drafting images of powerful mythological symbols for weeks when he called Mr. Chrysler to check out three different drawings for Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep he had produced. He was sure that when he presented his concepts that the decision would be easy.

Fairbanks proposed to Mr. Chrysler a charging ram design - an image that projected a sure-footed king of the mountain trail, an immovable beast which, when one found themselves faced with it, would instantly "dodge" it! Mr. Chrysler was instantly sold on the idea, and ever since, the ram has since been the iconic symbol of the tough trucks Dodge is known for.

Pretty interesting facts, wouldn't you agree?

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