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Toyota Computer

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Depending on the model and year of the vehicle, one or more of these modules may require replacement. The PCM is connected to a series of sensors located on the engine and transmission. These sensors deliver coded program information to the module itself, and drivers are alerted when something goes wrong with the engine. Overheating, low voltage, and pressure loss are noticed by the sensors, and the module automatically turns on the engine fault warning light.

ECUs found on these car models deliver automated directions to various engine components. For example, if the fuel mix needs adjusting, this can be done without any input from the driver. Other sensors located throughout the vehicle monitor traction control and stability control.

When the older car has defective parts removed and replaced with newer components, the computer modules may also have to be updated. Auto dealers and certified mechanics can suggest the correct replacement module, but they will generally charge higher prices for Toyota TCMs, ECMs, and ECUs. All PCMs and similar computer modules sold by Car Computer Exchange are guaranteed for the make and model in which they are to be installed. Best of all, we offer discounted pricing on nearly every computer module we sell, so customers save a tremendous amount of money.

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