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Dodge Durango PCM, Dodge Durango ECM, Dodge Durango ECU, Dodge Durango TCM

Car Computer Exchange offers engine computers and transmission computers including ECUs, ECMs, TCMs, and PCMs for Dodge Durango Vehicles. Our quality computers are compatible with the Dodge Durango SXT, SXT Plus, Limited, Citadel and R/T models. Have an older Durango? No Problem, we have it all! Get A Quality automobile part from us and spend hundreds of dollars less than you would at the dealer.

We specialize in low cost car computer modules. Get the quality car part you need at a price no one can match. Get your Dodge Durango engine computer from us today!

Who has time to schedule a visit to the dealership for a car computer in today's busy world? Luckily, the Plug-and-Play module is a high quality solution that is guaranteed to save you time that would otherwise be spent at the dealership. All you have to do is plug it in and you'll be ready to drive away.

The part ordered is custom set to match your vehicle's specific mileage number and vehicle identification number. It comes pre-installed with all of the latest software updates from Dodge itself and won't need any additional programming.

So, just how does this work?

1. Once receiving payment, we'll ship out your order along with a prepaid return label.
2. After getting that from us, you'll return the older computer using that prepaid label.
3. Once we've received the old computer, we'll begin your 1 year warranty and you'll be all set.

Dodge History

Dodge has a long and detailed story that's a big part of American automotive history. Look no further than Wikipedia to get a good, general overview of just how deep the company's personal history goes. It's there where you can learn about the humble beginnings of the Dodge brothers and see just how things went from there to the Daimler-Chrysler era. Looking a little deeper will unveil even more interesting information about Dodge's historic military designs, concept cars, and all the other vehicles that have rolled off its assembly line throughout the ages. Wikipedia is the absolute best place to start looking.

A Little Known Fact About Dodge

You may be familiar with the ubiquitous Dodge Ram symbol, but you might not know how it came about.

A man named Fairbanks had been working on designs for powerful animals with deep, storied mythologies for several weeks before contacting Mr. Chrysler himself.

Fairbanks told Mr. Chrysler about how the Ram was one of the most impressive species in the whole animal kingdom. It was surefooted, strong, fearless, and above all, intimidating. The only possible reaction a person would have to a charging ram would be to DODGE it. It was the vision behind the symbol that gave the Ram its power, and from that point forward, the ram has emblazoned all Dodge trucks throughout the decades.

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