How much does a replacement or reprogrammed ‘plug and play’ ECU / ECM cost?

Note: A high quality vin matched replacement ECU / ECU is typically $600 less than dealer installed parts.

Does Your Ford Need a Replacement Engine Control Module (ECM)?

Ford Engine Control Modules

Do you need a replacement car computer (ECM) for your Ford?

If your daily driver is a Ford, you already know how tough those engines are. With the proper maintenance, they seem to run forever! It doesn’t matter how strong they’re built, though — eventually you’re going to need to make some repairs.

While most problems with older cars can be solved with a wrench and an elbow, problems that arise with later models are usually computer issues.

How to Diagnose Ford Computer Issues

You’ll most likely require a replacement of your car’s onboard computer, or ECM. Not sure how to find and replace this vital part? Read below and you’ll see just how simple and easy it is to find a replacement, remove the old ECU, and pop in the new computer. If you’re seeking to squeeze out a bit more performance from your engine, consider installing an upgraded PCM. The Ford Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is the powerful computer that controls fuel injection, ignition, timing, and emissions standards.

Confused by all these acronyms? It’s simpler than it looks. The term ECM (or ECU) is easily interchanged with the PCM label. The ECM is in control of just the engine functions while the PCM controls functions for both the engine and the transmission.

Sure, you could spend a ton of money taking your Ford to the dealer or mechanic — or you could replace the part yourself and save a ton of time! First, you’ll need to confirm the problem is coming from a faulty computer. Emissions, timing, and fuel control issues are usually computational errors. Second, identify your Ford’s VIN. You’re going to want an ECU that’s custom programmed to your model’s year and specifics.

Symptoms of a Failing Ford Control Module

Here are some of the major signs and symptoms that the ole’ reliable Ford Explorer of yours might need a new computer module:

  • Is your vehicle failing to start on the first turn of the key?
  • Does your engine cut out quickly?
  • Does your check engine light throw a code that cannot be quickly repaired?
  • Are you noticing poor fuel consumption?
  • Do you have multiple check engine codes showing at the same time?

If any of these problems sound familiar, you probably need a replacement ECM, PCM, or TCM for your Ford.  We’ve got the absolute best prices and best selection of Ford on-board computers for nearly every model — it doesn’t matter if you’re driving a sedan, a truck or even a motorhome!  Every module we ship comes standard with a guarantee — once you’ve received your Ford’s new module, simply plug it in and you’re ready to drive.

Up-to-Date ECMs for Ford Vehicles

Just like your desktop computer needs a software update, your on-board ECM needs an overhaul as well. If you’re not exactly sure of what the issue may be, have a look at the Technical Service Boards regarding your Ford’s model.  There you’ll find information about possible recalls, defects, or software errors.

Once you’re sure that old ECM needs replacing, do it yourself.  If you can change your vehicle’s oil, you can replace the on-board computer and you can get it right here at!