Custom Tuning and Remapping Services for Car Computers (ECM / ECU)

Custom ECU Tuning

NOTICE:  This page refers to our custom car computer tuning services tailored to individuals looking to get more out of their cars performance.  This service is intended and applicable for computer modules that are already operational and fully-functioning. 

Trying to squeeze a few more horsepower out of your car’s engine? These days you’ve got endless choices. From octane boosters for your tank to performance carbon fiber upgrades, you could spend endless time and money searching for speed. While those accessories look great, we all know where the real power comes from — your car’s engine.

What is Custom ECM / ECU Tuning?

There’s a crucial computer sending out signals from bumper to bumper. Your vehicle’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is responsible for all of the diagnostic functions from oxygen sensors to throttle inputs — it even tracks engine temperatures!

Like all modern computers, the ECU can be custom tuned (or remapped) and programmed to a variety of custom desires.  Whether you’re seeking better fuel efficiency, more speed, or quicker acceleration — a custom ECU tuning is exactly what you need.

Custom ECU tuning and modification is very straightforward process. Your vehicle’s existing chip is either reprogrammed with specialized software or fully replaced with an upgraded model by us. Third-party engineering firms research performance analytics for popular car models and then release “re-maps” for the computer chips to ensure that your car will be in the sweet spot for performance — with no chance for any engine damage or decrease in performance.

Difference Between ECU Remapping vs. Tuning?

There’s absolutely no difference.  Some shops call it custom tuning, others call it remapping, but it’s the same thing.  We typically refer to the process as custom tuning, but regardless of what you call it — whether you want to custom tune or remap your vehicle’s computer module — ultimately the process is taking your car’s computer and giving it new code and “instructions” to operate under with the goal of achieving maximum performance.

Basic Car Computers vs. Customized Car Computers

Most stock vehicles drive off the lot with a pretty modest ECU tuning. To break free from the factory settings, the computer is accessed via the On Board Diagnostics port. From there we perform a software upgrade. Depending on your vehicle’s make and model, you’ll be able to choose map variations based on your performance desires.

Did you know your car could be speed-limited? With a custom tuning, specialized software removes any sort of governor. Want to hear that sweet, low rumble of a fine tuned idle? You’ve got to upgrade that chip. A custom tuning is essential if you’re serious about having a truly exceptional ride whether you drive a Lexus, BMW, Toyota, or a Ford.

“Should I Custom Tune or Remap My ECM?”

That’s a question we get a lot.  Any driver who’s serious about taking their engine to its full potential needs those sweet performance gains. Your custom tuning starts by adjusting the ignition timing advance to fire off just a little quicker. Like a great song, your engines got to be in the right rhythm.

Fuel Consumption and Efficiency

No matter if you fill up with regular gas or high octane race fuel, your ECU can be programmed to grab a little more speed or burn just a little hotter. Fuel and air ratios are exclusively controlled by the onboard computer and a small adjustment can really crush a few extra horsepower out of your amazing ride. It’s important to make sure the fuel and air ratios are properly calibrated. Without the correct fuel mixture, additional upgrades might not live up to their true potential.


If you’re rolling around with a turbo, you definitely need a custom ECU tuning. Stock turbo engines are notorious for suffering from limitations. Once those unwanted engine restrictions are overwritten, it’s time to let that engine fly. You’ll have plenty of performance options depending on the size and power of your turbo.

Torque, Horsepower, and Acceleration

When it comes to engine force and acceleration, you’ve got two factors to consider: torque and horsepower. When the air and fuel mixture combine in that magical equation, the cylinders pump and the gears begin to turn. Once the power reaches the drivetrain, you’re off and rolling. When you break down the concepts, the idea of each individual factor is quite fascinating. You’ve got energy which leads into work—the result of a force acting over some distance. With a custom ECU tuning, you’re going to drastically improve your engine torque and low end power. Want an engine that moves quicker? It’s all about horsepower. Here’s the catch—when you increase the torque, you automatically increase your horsepower.

Custom Dyno Tested Tune

Once the upgrade is completed, it’s time to throw those wheels on the dynograph machine. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, the dyno acts like a rolling road and showcases the engine data and speed output at various performance levels. A fully trained ECU specialist can take one look at the analytics on a line graph and check for flawless performance. If any changes need to be made, it’s a quick and easy re-map.

Did you know that even motorcycles have on board computers? Today’s fuel-injected sport bikes are the essence of speed and agility. If you’re leading the race at the track or blasting through rush-hour traffic, you’ve got to fine tune that engine. Just like cars, bikes can be hooked up to the dynograph to make sure they’re dialed right in.

So if you want to get your fuel mixture dialed in, increase your torque availability, and hear that idle sing—it’s time to customize. It’s absolutely clear to see—cars without an upgraded chip are just lacking that awesome performance and potential.

Whether your vehicle comes from overseas or was manufactured right in the USA, custom ECU tuning is exactly what you need for your engine to reach it’s full potential.