Meet The Original 1964 Dodge Charger [Infographic]

When it comes to classic cars, it’s hard to beat the original 1964 Dodge Charger. First built in 1964, the Dodge Charger reigns on even today as one of the finest American vehicles on the market. The car was originally built to compete against the Pontiac GTO. The original concept sold for $1.1 million (which was quite the hefty price in its time)! The rich inspiration behind its production is worth highlighting. For instance, Dodge stated that its production was “Inspired by the outstanding competition records set by Dodge production cars in recent years.”

In terms of features, the Dodge Charger was revolutionary upon release. Based on popular drag racing designs, it was equipped with an 8,000-rpm Stewart-Warner tachometer on the divider. Surprisingly, the original 1964 Dodge Charger was not built with a Hemi engine. A sudden shortage of complete race engines at the time forced manufacturers to use a standard 383 ci Dodge VB instead. A customized blacked-out grille hosted a rectangular chrome surround and a body-colored rolled front pan with four small vertical bump strips.

Infographic sharing information on 1964 Dodge Charger

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