Michigan Street Racing with a Turba Busa

So, what’s the Michigan street scene like with respect to racing? A Turbo Hayabusa plus powerful 1250 HP under any hood, and on the same road, is enough to burn up pavement. Racing at night demands a lot of respect, or, not! It all depends on your point of view. The bike’s camera, and the interior camera of the vehicle’s display, provide an amazing view of the world passing by as these machines accelerate. There’s a lot of power being thrown out as well. The vehicles being passed seem like they’re traveling in slow motion, but that’s not the case.

The interior consoles light up like the interior of a jet’s cockpit. Of course, there’s not a person that’s not thinking in the back of their mind that these guys are seriously pushing the limit. And we all know that accidents at these speeds can be fatal. If you like intense, heart-pounding controversial speed, check out the video.

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