How To Read Car Ads

How To Read Car AdsIf you’re looking for a new or used car, truck, van or another vehicle, you definitely need to review this article by Mark McDonald about reading car ads. He will help you better understand all of the ins and outs of dealership ads you see in newspapers and direct mailer cards, on TV, online and elsewhere.

The article starts with an interesting anecdotal story about one of his experiences as a car salesman in which a highly intelligent potential customer saw a car ad and then was extremely confused about the difference between the pricing in the ad and the pricing that McDonald quoted after the man was finished picking out a car model and extras.

McDonald explains with clear, easy-to-understand language the basics of all the various car ads that consumers see every day, including the differences between leasing and regular financing and base options and extra options, money down and all of the additional requirements and costs that are never explained and only hinted at in the ads. McDonald’s article certainly shows he is an expert about this topic and anyone who goes car shopping without reading his advice and tips will no doubt regret their decision later.

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