Humble Mechanic Does It Again

Well, it looks like Charles at the Humble Mechanic has done it again by putting together another informative and helpful video on those quirky little problems we all experience with our automobiles. In this edition, Charles discusses how the Volkswagen CC trunk wire harness fails and some methods to fix this often frustrating problem. What sets Charles’ videos and columns apart from the others is the fact that he gets into not only how to fix the problem but why it occurs. Here he talks about the placement of the wire harness and how repeated opening and closing of the trunk can cause breaks in the wire. As always, he offers a few options on repair but in this case goes with a complete replacement of the harness. He gives a thumbs up on this being a DIY job as well.

In our opinion, if you are having this issue with your Volkswagen CC, we would definitely recommend checking out this article and video. It’s a comprehensive look at the issue and even if you don’t follow Charles’ recommendation, you’ll be more informed in general before tackling the problem.

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