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Reviews for Car Computer Exchange

With over 75,000 car computers shipped across the globe since 2011, we’ve collected thousands of reviews from our customers. We’re proud of our growing collection of over 1,500 5-star (perfect!) reviews in Google alone.

Here are some of our most recent reviews pulled directly from Google:


The vast majority of feedback we’ve received during our time in business has been overwhelmingly positive. We take care of folks by keeping things simple in both our daily operations and our overall objective — we offer quality auto products at an affordable price with fast shipping and handling from our warehouse in Cary, North Carolina.

Naturally, with tens of thousands of customers and some of them leaving feedback for Car Computer Exchange across the web, we have noticed the rare negative review — like a needle in a haystack amongst all of the positive reviews. Unfortunately, the isolated bad review can be more impactful than the 100 positive reviews surrounding it. What’s worse, many customers who perceive themselves to be slighted in some way may try to cause even more impact by positing their negative review on numerous sites across the web.

Some negative reviews we’ve seen posted about our company are illegitimate. Others have incorrect information or information that may be misleading. Some of these bad reviews — after extensive research — appear to have been legitimate.

In any and all cases above, if given the opportunity and its parent company (Imperial Auto Services, LLC) has always tried — and will always try — to address the concerns of any unhappy customer and make things right.

Is Car Computer Exchange Legitimate?

Yes, of course we’re legit! We’re not perfect — there might have been rare occasions over the past 7 years where we’ve dropped the ball, but we’ve always tried to resolve any issues. Ultimately, our thousands of positive (4-5 star) reviews, 7 years in business, and 75,000+ orders shipped during that time speak for themselves.

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Save money with DIY maintenance and repairs!
  • Step-by-step factory recommended repair instructions.
  • Thousands of illustrations and diagrams.
  • Wiring color codes and descriptions.
  • Troubleshooting symptoms and Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC).
  • Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) summaries.
  • Immediate access to the online diagnostic & repair guides.
  • Over 90 years of service to professionals and DIY'ers.
Owl Dash Cam: 24-hour surveillance redefines the dash cam

The Owl camera is designed to monitor your car for break-ins, collisions and police stops. Owl can also be used to capture fun moments on the road or beautiful scenery, simply by saying, ‘Ok, presto.’

If Owl senses a car accident, it automatically saves the video to your phone, including the 10 seconds before and after the accident. Also, if someone is attracted to your car because of the camera and its blinking green light, and proceeds to steal it, Owl will give you another one.

For 24 hours, you can view your driving and any other incidents that happened during the day. You can also, of course, save footage to your phone so you can watch it after 24 hours.

Setting it up

The two-way camera plugs into your car’s on-board diagnostics port (Every car built after 1996 has one), and takes just a few minutes to set up. The camera tucks right in between the dashboard and windshield. Once it’s hooked up, you can access your car’s camera anytime via the Owl mobile app.

I was a bit skeptical about the ease with which I’d be able to install the camera, but it was actually pretty easy. From opening the box to getting the camera up and running, it took fewer than ten minutes.


Owl is set up to let you know if and when something happens to your car while you’re not there. My Owl’s out-of-the-box settings were set to high sensitivity, which meant I received notifications if a car simply drove by. Changing the settings to a lower sensitivity fixed the annoyance of too many notifications.

Since installing the Owl camera, there hasn’t been a situation in which I was notified of any nefarious behavior happening in or around my car. But I do rest assured knowing that if something does happen, I’ll be notified right away and will be able to see live footage of whatever it is that’s happening.

My understanding is that most of the dash cams on the market aren’t set up to give you 24/7 video access, nor are they designed to be updatable over the air. The best-selling dash cam on Amazon, for example, is a one-way facing camera with collision detection, but it’s not always on.

Unlike Owl’s competition, however, the device is always on, due to the fact it plugs into your car’s OMD port. That’s the main, most attractive differentiator for me. To be clear, while the Owl does suck energy from your car’s battery, it’s smart enough to know when it needs to shutdown. Last weekend, I didn’t drive my car for over 24 hours, so Owl shut itself down to ensure my battery wasn’t dead once I came back.

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