Car Computer (ECM, PCM, and TCM) Error Codes & Definitions


Modern vehicles have extremely smart engines.  Your car or truck’s central computer (depending on your vehicle) can be called an Engine Control Unit (ECU), Engine Control Module (ECM),  Powertrain Control Module (PCM), or Transmission Control Module (TCM).  This computer module is constantly monitoring your vehicle and its engine for any signs of trouble.  Issues that your…

How Much Does an Electronic or Engine Control Module Cost?

Average Cost of ECM

The costs of your car or truck’s engine control module — also known as the Electronic Control Module or ECU (Engine / Electronic Control Unit) can vary wildly.   If you’re in the market and need to purchase a new ECM for your car or truck, this article will give you a ball-park estimate of how much…

Does Your Ford Need a Replacement Engine Control Module (ECM)?

Ford Engine Control Modules

Do you need a replacement car computer (ECM) for your Ford? If your daily driver is a Ford, you already know how tough those engines are. With the proper maintenance, they seem to run forever! It doesn’t matter how strong they’re built, though — eventually you’re going to need to make some repairs. While most…

Custom Tuning and Remapping Services for Car Computers (ECM / ECU)

Custom ECU Tuning

NOTICE:  This page refers to our custom car computer tuning services tailored to individuals looking to get more out of their cars performance.  This service is intended and applicable for computer modules that are already operational and fully-functioning.  Trying to squeeze a few more horsepower out of your car’s engine? These days you’ve got endless choices….

ECU Programming and Custom Tuning Tool for Repair Shops and Mechanics

ECU Programming

This content is intended for businesses (mechanics, service centers, repair shops, etc) looking to find a great tool to program electronic control modules for their own customers.   If you’re seeking an all-in-one solution for your ECU tuning needs, look no further than the J2534 Programmer by Car Computer Exchange. Your kit quickly arrives preconfigured with…

Reprogramming Engine Control Modules 101

Reprogramming Engine Control Modules

Does your “check engine” light stay on even though the fuel cap is tight? Does your gas mileage get just a bit worse year after year? How about that engine noise? Does it sound rougher than normal, even though you keep your oil changed? If any of this sounds familiar, you may need your ECM…